Apr 19, 2016

What is Haven? What Makes It Special?

 Phew.. I have finally returned from my extended Haven vacation, and in my typical style I'm late getting my recap post up.   We decided to take a few extra days sightseeing in Washington DC and so I am only getting home now.  Originally I was going to write up my recap earlier, but another experience got in the way (and I'm glad it did.)

Unlike last year's Haven recap, where I wrote two posts about what the conference meant to me (personally and for my blog,) this year I'm not going into that kind of detail.  Those posts still hold true, and I can say it a thousand times:  I am coming home inspired and refreshed and learned so much!
Haven Alum

If you want to read more about the specific details of the conference, you can read the recaps by dozens of other bloggers who are way more on the ball than me.

Instead of a description of the sessions or a bunch of photos of swag and shout outs to vendors, this year I am going to share what made the conference special: The other bloggers I met.  
There were hundreds of bloggers there, and I only met a small fraction of them, so this list is in no means complete, but these are the ones I actually talked to.. or shook hands with.. or exchanged cards with.  I didn't want to include only the ones I had photos with or only the ones who spoke.. I didn't want to exclude ANY of them.

 Some are "huge" bloggers you may have heard of, some are brand new.  Every single one of them has something to offer and it was my pleasure to meet each one.  

I would encourage you to go through the list, discover new blogs, find new projects, BE INSPIRED.  Even if you couldn't be at the conference, the thing that made the conference special was THESE WOMEN (sorry.. I didn't meet any male bloggers this year.) And since I have no good way of sorting them, I am presenting them to you in alphabetical order.

Allison: Refunk my Junk
Amy: Always Never Done
Ashley: Attempts at Domestication
Becky: Organizing Made Fun
Beth: Homestories A to Z
Brenna: Domestic Charm
Britany: Pretty Handy Girl
Candace: Rusted Roots
Carrie (my carpool driver): Lovely Etc
ChiWei: One Dog Woof
Danielle: 2 Little Superheroes
Diane: In My Own Style
Emily: My Mom Made That
Emily: Two Purple Couches
Jamie: JamieJoyet (Vintage Revivals)
Jen: Girl in the Garage
Jessi: Behind the Red Door 
Jessica: Little House Big Heart
Jessie (my roommate): Practically Functional
Karen: Somewhat Quirky Design
KariAnne: Thistlewood Farms
Kelly: House of Gold
Kelly: View Along the Way
Laura: What if Workshop
Leslie: Puddy's House
Leslie: House on the Way
Lisa: Concord Cottage
Lisa: Organize 365
Lynn: Fern Avenue
Mandi: Vintage Revivals
Megan: Rappsody in Rooms
Melody: My Passion for Decor
Sandra: Sawdust Girl
Sarah: Home-ology
Sondra Lyn: Sondra Lyn at Home
Stacey: Not Just a Housewife
Suesan: Frou Frugal
Suzanne: The Blue Building
Tamyra: Positively Southern
Vidya: Whats Ur Home Story
Wendy: Front Porch Mercantaile

I really wanted to come out of my shell and meet people this year, and I made a conscious effort.  I still feel like I missed a LOT of bloggers I follow, but that is what next year is for.  If you are a DIY or Design blogger I hope you consider attending in 2015.  I'm planning on being there!

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