Apr 21, 2016

I Have A Big Announcement! (And Why I Love Blogger!)

So in the interest of keeping it real, I want to tell you that originally I had planned to post about K-cups (yes.. those coffee cup things I messed around with at Halloween) today.  I wanted to hold off this announcement until later next week, when I had all the kinks worked out, but I ended up spending so much time working on this exciting rollout, I just didn't have it in me to churn out a second post.

Seriously.. my kitchen floor currently looks like this since the baby thought unloading every thing out of my purse would be fun, while the girls played wiffle ball in the house:
I can't face writing about KCups right now. I just can't.

So instead.. you all get to hear my big news a week early!

Are you ready for it?  Well if not, too bad.. here it is:

I have a brand new website!!!
I have a couple of new websites actually.  I proudly present: Kim-Six.com and KimSix.net

(Someone wants nearly $1000 for the most obvious URL, so in order to cover all my bases I took both of these instead.  I know it is can be a pain to type a hyphen on your phone, that is why I went with the .net address for all you thumb-typists.)

These new sites aren't another blog, but.. in what turns out to be the actually interesting part of this announcement:

I am going to start taking on blogger clients who want to optimize their Blogspot Blogs! 
Now, if you are not a blogger, but instead are a reader this news is probably annoying and uninteresting. And for that.. I apologize.  I am going to have some great non-blogging related posts up next Monday and Tuesday, so come on back.. (They will involve ice cream and chocolate and anti-freeze. Seriously.. you have to be here!) 

Until then, enjoy this photo of a cat wearing a wig:
Now didn't that make the click through worthwhile? 
For the rest of you, who are bloggers, or at least want to know why this is such a big deal to me, let's have a little heart-to-heart.

I've wanted to branch out into the more technical side of blogging for a while, but I've always been too intimidated to do it. Because.. well, you know.  When you can barely keep your kitchen floor clean, what business do you have helping someone clean up their website?

But after a little prodding, a bit of begging and a whole lot of support form a great group of bloggers (you know who you are), I've decided to jump right in.

We'll just say I make a better blogger than a house keeper.

Plus if it turns out that after doing this a while, I decide it isn't for me or if I find it is taking too much time away from my first real love.. which happens to be my own blog (damn..that sounded conceited!).. I can alway quit.  No harm no foul.

My thought process went a lot like this:

Rationale me: "Should I jump into this new endeavor right now while I am super busy with everything else going on in my life?  Things have been going so well lately, you do realize this is going to wreck havoc with what little order you do have already set in place:?"

Deep down me:  "What the hell!!? Why not go for it.  I mean.. even if this is a mistake, it isn't anything that can't be changed.  Am I right Bob Ross?"
Thanks Bob.. I know you will always have my back.
"So what exactly will I be doing?" you ask  (Or maybe not.. you probably quit reading this long ago..)

Well, I am going to be exclusively working with bloggers on Google's Blogger/Blogspot platform.
 "Why only Blogger?" you are wondering. (Boy you are really pensive today!)  "I heard that only crappy small-time bloggers use Blogger."

Well.. I want to send you over to this page of my new site.

Go ahead.. I'll wait.

*hums and looks around*

Okay.. you got that?

Yes. I still blog on Blogger.
No I'm never migrating.
Thank you for your concern about my traffic.. but I assure you I'll be fine.   
And so will the thousands of other bloggers who use Blogger and want to be taken seriously.  The only difference is now they aren't going to have to do it on their own.

When I was a baby blogger I wasn't able to find a lot of Blogger specific help.. and even now, when I run into a snag the majority of the advice I get is "you can move to wordpress" (which isn't really useful advice when you blog on Blogger.)

So that stops today.  From now on if someone has a problem on Blogger, you can tell them "I dunno nuttin' about Blogger.. talk to Kim.. she'll give it the Kim Six Fix" and then we will all go and pound our heads against the wall together. (Okay.. we won't do that really.. well.. maybe a few times.)
Because this post is coming out a week earlier than I had planned, I don't really have all my ducks in a row just yet.. so (in typical #KeepingItRealWithKimSix fashion) I am not exactly sure how I'm going to work everything out, but I'm rolling with it.  I wasn't going to wait until I was totally ready.. since I'll never be totally ready.

I do know that I will be offering support for simple fixes (like removing your blogger bar or installing social media sharing buttons) all the way to more complicated issues (like SEO optimization, monetization and self-hosting migration [NOT MIGRATION TO WORDPRESS.. I refuse to do that!] and eventually I'd love to work with smaller bloggers on ad optimization and waterfalling.)

How exactly I am going to set up the process and how many clients I can take on at one time still is up in the air...

 ..since come on now.. I have a blog and K-cup posts that are being neglected!

Until then, you can sleep better at night knowing there is someone out there who is will eventually be willing to troubleshoot your Blogger blog with you.  

And hey.. if you aren't a blogger yet and you want to become one.. Jump on in.. I know a great tech person!

See ya Monday! I'll bring the chocolate and anti-freeze!

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