Jun 24, 2016

Optimize Your Blog's Meta (Search) Descriptions Using Keyword Research

Optimize your meta description using keyword research in webmaster toosl
One of the things many bloggers struggle with when it comes to SEO is what exactly to include in their posts' meta descriptions.  The meta description (also called the search description on Blogger) is the short text snippet that appears on SERPs (search engine results pages) under the page title and URL.  Typically the meta description is a summary of the page content.

Jun 19, 2016

How to Add RECIPE Rich Pins on Blogger

Recipe rich pins on blogger

I have previously shared a tutorial on how to add rich pins for articles to your Blogger Blog.  I have had a ton of positive feedback on that article, and since the majority of bloggers on Pinterest need article pins, it is relevant to most bloggers.  If you are a blogger who shares content on Pinterest, you want to have rich pins installed! 
There is a another subset of bloggers who could also use the additional resource of RECIPE rich pins.  Even if you only occasionally share recipes, it is a something you can use.  It is a little more complicated but it isn’t hard once you know what to do. 

Jun 9, 2016

How to Block Your Own Pageviews from Google Analytics

How to Exclude your own page views from Google AnalyticsI am constantly being asked by other bloggers: “Why do my Blogger page views not match my Google Analytics page views?” and the answer is: Because crawlers and bots are recorded in Blogger analytics, while google analytics only records legitimate page views.

It can be a little depressing, since Blogger analytics can be orders of magnitude higher than Google Analytics (GA), but those page views aren’t real.  When search engines load your content in order to index it and add it to search engines, blogger analytics counts that as a page load.  But that is a computer program that isn’t actually ‘viewing’ anything.  On the other hand, google analytics records every time a script is loaded and your page is displayed in a browser window… TO SOMEONE READING IT.  The difference in those numbers can be dramatic.

Jun 3, 2016

Search Engine Title Swapping: Make Post Titles Appear Before Blog Titles on Google

Search Engine Title Swapping on Blogger to Improve SEO
How your blog posts show up in Google’s search results is extremely important.  Since search engines take into account how frequently a displayed listing is clicked when ranking content, you want to make sure that your search results accurately reflect what your post is about.  Since the most predominant part of a search result is the post title, ensuring that it is displayed in full is very important.  But by default, Blogger does not have your search listings formatted that way.