Nov 11, 2017

How to Break A Post Into Multiple Pages (Paginate) on Blogger

It is no secret that I'm a Blogger blogger. Plus many people may be surprised to hear I have no intention of moving to Wordpress.  I often feel like I'm the only one who still uses this platform but I actually really like it.  I feel like I really "get" it and I'm not relying on someone else to help me with it. I understand it isn't for everyone, but it works great for me.

I do have one complaint about using Blogger: The people who will constantly tell you what they think it can't do.  And sure, it may not be 100% manipulatable, but most problems can be overcome.

Today I am going to tackle one of those "drawbacks" that I have heard you can't do on Blogger:  PAGINATE (Cut posts up into smaller sections for faster loading.)  Sure, Wordpress probably has a plugin or something for this, but I have always heard it was impossible to break up posts in Blogger.

Well today I am going to share a little secret about paginating on Blogger:
IT ISN'T IMPOSSIBLE.  (See? This post is paginated!)

In fact, it isn't even difficult to code it. For anyone who is too nervous to mess with your template code, I have good news for you: YOU DON'T HAVE TO.  You can accomplish it entirely within the post composition itself! I'm going to show you how (and I'm going to use this post to demonstrate how it works!)

For today's example I am going to use a four page post breakdown. You can actually break a post into as few as two or up to an unlimited number of pages.  I thought four would get the point across.

Step 1: Write Your Post:
You need to have your post written and all the HTML worked out before you break it into separate pages.  It gets really confusing trying to read the marked up code (and you cannot use the composition window to compose your post after it is marked up) so it is much easier to just cut and paste the completed HTML.

Once you have your post written save it (DON'T PUBLISH IT) since you will need it later.

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