Jul 1, 2016

Post Planner for Bloggers: Improve Facebook Reach And Engagement

Post Planner for Bloggers

I discovered the power of Post Planner a few months ago when Gail, from MyRepurposedLife (who has a HUGE Facebook page) told me she was using it and really liking it.  She had seen her engagement skyrocket (which is really difficult for pages with more than 100K followers) and she told me she was saving a ton of time.

Since I spend so much time on Facebook, and she had had such great success, I thought it was worth a try.

Since you can try it out by only purchasing a month at a time I figured I wouldn’t be out much if I didnt’ like it.  Post planner has a lot of video tutorials on their site to show you the features, but they are really specific for each individual feature.   It is hard to figure out which features are the most useful and how to just get started.   If you are like me, you want to know the basics and just jump right in.  
So today I want to share with you how *I* personally use Post Planner, and point out the features that I find most useful.   I want to explain how I find content to share, and how I recycled my most popular content in order to maximize traffic back to my blog and engagement on my Facebook page.

I was originally going to write up a tutorial but I quickly realized it was too complicated and difficult to describe. Instead I made a video of the program in action so you can get a feel for how it works and if it is something you may want to use.

IF you have any other questions about features or how I use the program, feel free to ask them in the comments!

And if you are want to try out Post Planner I’d love if you sign up with my referral ( http://zfer.us/5jU3R ), so they know I sent you!  


  1. Kim, I just can't get into FB or Twitter. It wears me out. To much social interaction I guess for an Aspie like me. I put my posts on there and "like" people's stuff. Thus I don't have many followers. I go to FB groups I like like yours, but that's about it. Now, on the other hand, I love Pinterest. I now have 100,000 followers there. Can you tell me how to make that work for me in terms of my blog?

  2. Thanks for the shout out Kim! I love Post Planner! I'll be watching your video and pinning this post!