May 18, 2017

Setting up a Lead Magnet Trigger Email in Mad Mimi

Using a lead magnet to trigger an email campaignUsing a lead magnet to trigger a drip campaign in madmimi
You want to know the fastest way to grow your email list?  GIVE SOMETHING AWAY.

People love free stuff and are willing to shell out their precious email address to get it.  A lot of bloggers are already giving away things on their blog without really thinking about it.  Printables, tutorials, recipes, advice, organization planners etc.

But what if you told your readers you wanted to EMAIL them your giveaway instead of posting it directly on your blog or allowing them to click to download?  You would 1. Have their email address and 2. You would know what they are interested in.


A reader who loves cooking may want to download a printable recipe card.  But instead of hitting the “click here to print my recipe” what if they had to “enter your email here and I will send you my printable recipe card”?  To a reader the difference is minimal.. but to you it can be a GAME CHANGER.

You now have their email address and you know they like recipes. What an opportunity!  Not only has your email list grown by one person, you have automatically targeted and segmented your list.   I have talked about why this is so important previously, but today I’m going to take it one step further.  I’m going to show you how to set up a giveaway trigger within your content..

I use MadMimi and I love it.  There is no affiliate program for it, so I don’t make any money saying that.. but I still recommend it.  It is so much cheaper and easier to use than the other programs I have tried (and I have tried them ALL:  Convert Kit, Mailchip, Feedblitz, GetResponse and Constant Contact.).  I have not found any services that are worth either the huge rate increase (Convert Kit) or lack of flexibility (Mailchimp).

To show you how I set up a trigged email drip, I’m going to use my own blog as an example.  In my recent post I wanted to give away a set of cutting machine files that are used to create iron on decals.  Only people who own certain types of cutting machines can use them, so I am know that anyone who subscribes to this lead magnet is going to be a cutting machine owner!

(Bonus: I can pitch this list to cutting machine associated brands telling them that my email to my list is 100% proven machine owners! That is valuable to a brand!) 

How to set up a Lead Magnet Triggered Drip Campaign in Mad Mimi

Step 1:  Create a new audience list for your specific giveaway 

In this case my giveaway is an HTV (heat transfer vinyl) Butterfly cut file set so I named my group “HTV Butterfly”. Yeah, I know.. clever.
New audience list madmimi

Step 2:  Create a new webform for your specific giveaway 

Again, you need to name your form something, so I called it "HTV Butterfly”  When you set up your form you want to make sure you set your target audience as the list you just created since you want the people who sign up via THAT specific form to only be added to that new group.

New lead magnet sign up form on madmimi

Step 3:  Embed your new signup form in your post (or sidebar or wherever) 

I put my signup at the bottom of my post.  You can format it and make it pretty too.  This is the most basic form set up:
Example of drip campaign sign up form
 If you are giving away a freebie on your home page to generate email leads using a pop up etc you would set up the campaign this same way, but embed your form on you home page or in your pop up.

Step 4:  Set up a new drip campaign  

Now you need to create the email that will actually be sent to your new subscriber with the file you are giving away.   Make sure your new drip targets that new audience you just set up.
Sending drip campaign to targeted audience
You want to make sure the first post is sent IMMEDIATELY upon sign up and you want to make sure it is going to the correct list.  I also always make sure the title of email is super obvious so people know why you are emailing them.  “Here is the XXX you requested” works great.
Setting up drip campaign email
In this email I also include the terms of use for the file (personal use only, do not reproduce, liability etc.). I also give them the chance to opt into my other content if they wish. You may want to include a link back to the original post, a photo of the project and ALWAYS INCLUDE the notification that you MAY be emailing them again (so they are warned) as well as a chance to unsubscribe.
Composing drip email on madmimi

Step 5:  Host your freebie somewhere  

You can attach your giveaway to your actual email but I don’t do that. I personally use Box or Dropbox to host my giveaway files.  Then I just let them “click” to download the files.  I could do the same thing directly in the post, but then I wouldn’t be getting the email addresses!
Hosting files in boxcomI do this “click to download” instead of attaching the files directly  for two reasons.
1. So when someone clicks to download I can automatically add them yet ANOTHER email list
2. So I can track how many people have downloaded my files and who they are (so if I ever catch someone reselling my products I can prove they knowingly downloaded it against my terms of use.)

Download statistics from dropbox

Step 5a:  If you have multiple versions of a product subdivide your list

Having a hosted freebie also allows for you to segment your list even further. Some of my posts have multiple versions of my freebie.  I therefore activate the click triggers that add subscribers to additional lists only WHEN and IF they have actually clicked on the freebie.

Here is an example of how that could work:  If you are a food blogger you could have 2 versions of a recipe.. one with meat and one vegetarian.  You can set it up so that when someone clicks to download either version, they are added to a new list.  For example you could have a “vegetarian” and “meat eater” list and in the future you could exclude the vegetarians from all meat-containing recipes.  Genius right?

In my case I have two versions of these cut files. One that is ONLY good on a Silhouette brand machine and one that is good on ALL cutting machines.  So I have sorted my Silhouette owners into their own group.  I have MadMimi add them to a “Silhouette Users” group if they download the Silhouette file.  Now if I have a post specific to the Silhouette machine ONLY, I can use that mini-group instead of the entire “HTV butterfly” group where I don’t know for sure which brand of cutting machine they own. Targeting email lists by interest

Step 5:  Activate your new drip campaign

Make sure you hit “Start” in order to trigger your new campaign. More than once have I posted a giveaway and gotten emails saying “your product never arrived” only to realize I never actually started it!
Start drip campaign madmimi

What does this process look like for a subscriber? 

To test that I have everything set up correctly, I signed up for my own freebie:
Subscribing to drip campaign mad mimi
It hit my email inbox almost immediately:
Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 6 13 34 PM

This was the email in my inbox.  I clicked the Silhouette option.
Example of targeted email campaign on mad mimi
That opened my box folder and allowed me to download all the free files.

And I can now see my email address on both the "Butterfly HTV” list
Adding email to audience list in madmimi

and “Silhouette Users” list:
Screen Shot 2017 05 18 at 6 15 01 PM

What should you do with this list now that you have it?

There are a lot of great things you can do with this new list and drip campaign.

- You can add more emails to the campaign related to your giveaway.  Now that you know WHY the people signed up for your list, you know what they are interested in.  Send them more content just like that!

- You can add them to your regular mailing list (Just make sure you tell them somewhere that they will be getting more emails like that)

-You can select your new group next time you have a new post going out about the topic that interests them (so my next newsletter containing any HTV projects I will also include my “HTV butterfly” list members.

The more giveaways, freebies, lead magnets you have, the more lists you will have and the more you will know about your subscribers.  Mad Mimi does NOT count a single email on more than one list more than once.. so you don’t have to worry about it.  You can have lists with only a handful of subscribers and those subscribers can be on multiple lists and it won’t cost your anything extra!  ANOTHER PERK of MadMimi!

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